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31-Aug-2015, 09:32
I've recently acquired a new computer with Windows 7 operating system.Thought all programs and info were transferred to the new box but it seems the scanner program didn't make it.My scanner is an old Epson Perfection 2480 PHOTO and operated on Windows XP on the old computer. Can't find the original disk to program the new computer so have checked with HP and they suggested a site which sells old programs.They have what I need,so guess I'll bite the bullet and spend more money on the old scanner,unless you-all might have another solution. Being frugal(read cheap)don't like throwing money at this equipment,LOL!
Any thoughts appreciated....

31-Aug-2015, 09:36
You should be able to find the software for your scanner here (http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supDetail.jsp?oid=41623&infoType=Downloads)

Light Guru
31-Aug-2015, 18:23
Your original disc would not have software that is compatible truth the newer OS anyway as it was made long before windows 7.

I never recommend installing from the discs that come with a scanner or computer. Always download the most up to date drivers and software from the manufacturer website.