View Full Version : Ansco 8x10 replacement case - any success?

30-Aug-2015, 14:38
The hinge and back finally gave up the ghost today. I knew it was coming... just delaying the inevitable. Have any of you had success in finding a replacement case for your Ansco or Agfa-Ansco 8x10? Lightware makes nice cases, but I'm not familiar with many others. I'd like to get suggestions or stories from others with relevant experience before I go shopping for one. Thanks in advance for your input.


Jim Graves
2-Sep-2015, 19:01
Chris ... If you're not set on a hard case, shoot Jim Fitzgerald a PM about a soft case.

He originally advertised on the Forum that he was making ULF film holder bags from a nice light-weight padded material. His prices are VERY reasonable and he's willing to work with you to figure out what you need.

I ordered several for my 11x14 holders. I liked them so much that I ordered custom bags for two reducing backs and two contact print frames that I take on the road. Now he's working on bags for my 8x10 Kodak 2D (with a slot for the extension rail) and my 8x10 focal plane shutter. He's adjusting the original design for the wider bags and will be adding a handle and some other modifications as requested.

To me, the soft padded bags are preferable to hard bags ... but, of course, preferences vary.

Good luck with your search.

Jim in Sacramento

Mark Sampson
2-Sep-2015, 19:25
Anything modern would be an improvement over the 'vulcanoid' style cases that my Ansco 8x10 and later, my Kodak 8x10 Master had as original equipment. No padding except what you added yourself, although I admit both of those cameras had long, hard lives before I acquired them, and the cameras were still in good shape.
Calumet used to make several different generic box-like cases for view cameras, they advertised them as useful for almost everything; maybe you could find one of those.

William Whitaker
2-Sep-2015, 19:49
Chris - FWIW I have one of the Lightware cases. The model, I believe, is S1010. Not inexpensive, but a no-nonsense top-loading case which provides more than adequate protection and is a perfect fit for my Ansco 8x10. I bought this one from a forum member on a whim and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. The camera drops in smoothly, leaving just enough room on top for a folded dark cloth. But again, the price as new is sobering. As I said... FWIW.

7-Sep-2015, 07:25
I hadn't really considered a soft case; thinking hard case for protection in transit.
Yes, new Lightware is not cheap but I see them used on the auction site, sometimes reasonably priced.
Thanks for your input.


John Kasaian
23-Sep-2015, 22:35
I'll suggest going to gun show or sportsman's swap meet and check out the vendors selling military surplus stuff. They'll often have serious mil-spec fiberglass boxes built to hold fragile medical, optical and commuications gear, usually for pretty good prices. Just look for the size that will work for you.

24-Sep-2015, 07:40
I have a 8x10 hardcase.. I think from a B&J

I'm not gonna use it probably

it would be a pain to ship it though

got anything you want to trade for it?

24-Sep-2015, 14:05
How about Pelican Cases. They come in all sizes and are relatively cheap-- waterproof, tough as nails. Cut your own foam or use the pick 'n pluck. I have a few I use with the wavy foam top and bottom and clamp the gear between them.

Drew Bedo
26-Sep-2015, 15:12
I have not bought a new camera bag in years.

Often times a pawn shop will just give you a bag for a few dollars. Goodwill stores and other thrift shops are freat for larger bags to repurpose for LF gear.

In another thread, I have written about using closed cell foam sleeping pads for padding.

Even dedicated photo packs can be found used on e-Bay.
Finding a bag or case for your 8x10 shouldn't be a [roblem.

26-Sep-2015, 21:05
If you can find an Army/Navy type store you should find a few options. I use a metal military audio visual case, fits the camera, reducing back , a couple lenses and dark-cloth. Also a calumet C-1 case should work for the camera alone.