View Full Version : LF Workshops in LA area

28-Aug-2015, 11:48
Hello everyone,

are there any LF workshops in the LA area? or maybe just a LF photographer who'd like to meet for a drink and discuss all themes LF-related.

I'd appreciate any leads, thanks!

Rick Rosen
29-Aug-2015, 19:52

I am in Huntington Beach. My experience teaching large format spans about 40 years. I lectured nationally for Sinar and taught LF at the Ansel Adams Workshops and others. Steve Simmons and myself are teaching a LF workshop in the Sierras in late October. I also have a number of other programs and I also do individual instruction. There is another post here about that workshop. Perhaps I can help you.


billie williams
30-Aug-2015, 07:35
the Barnsdall Art Center in Hollywood has a 10-week 4x5 class.
Registration begins soon. class limited to 6 people.
it is quite reasonably priced and provides the gear and darkroom.

Rick Rosen
30-Aug-2015, 11:04
That's great to know. It's always nice to see that large format is alive and well!