View Full Version : Quad Tone RIP Problem

Robert Kalman
27-Aug-2015, 12:29
I installed and started using QTR for BW prints on my Mac the other day with good results. (Printing with an Epson R2880).

I switched back to the R2880 driver to do some color work; when I returned to the QTR driver I had somehow lost the ability to choose the paper and tone in the Curves drop down menu. (See attachment showing screenshot.) 138950 When I hit the drop down for any of the Curves, the only choice now is "None."

Can someone tell me how this might have happened, and instruct me on what to do to get the paper and tone choices back?


Tyler Boley
27-Aug-2015, 15:46
If you get no answer here I'd advise asking on the Quadtone RIP yahoo forum, it's fairly active. I'm not sure what could have happened, but there's no harm in going to the 2880 profiles folder and hitting the install applet again.

Robert Kalman
27-Aug-2015, 16:04
Geez, why didn't I think of that??!

Worked...Thanks Tyler.