View Full Version : Shutter Speed apps + PhotoPlug on iphone or android

Miguel Coquis
25-Aug-2015, 13:26
Need to measure/test accuracy on camera shutter speeds, I recently purchase the PhotoPlug and installed on my Android.
Have not have any positive results yet.
Does anybody have experimented with it ? Your help will be much appreciated.

Randy Moe
25-Aug-2015, 15:16
In your other thread I told you what I do.

It works well for me. I find a LED AAA battery Fenix E05 ideal.

It needs a distinct light source.

Miguel Coquis
26-Aug-2015, 01:11
Randy, I much appreciate your recommendation, will try the light source mentioned.
My doubt is that perhaps the apps and photoplug are not yet appropiate to function with the Samsung android.
For that reason, I would like to hear about someone who have try with android.