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24-Aug-2015, 13:40
Bishop, CA Eastern Sierra Nevada, childhood & adult 65 year long term resident and large format film photographer rejoins the forum. For a long time (1982) I used a Wista SP 4x5 model technical field camera, complete with quite hilarious instruction manuals, in poorly translated Japanese. Purchased complete with normal, bag, long bellows & 46cm extension rail and a variety of lenses. I've been happy with it over the years, solid little camera; but increasing use of ultra wide angle lenses as necessary, motivated me to pick up a Canham 5x7/4x5 Traditional that has the sliding rear standard, and ridding the necessity of dropping the camera bed in order to use such lenses. I've had the Canham for about 3 years now and am happy with it, in fact thinking I will sell my 8x10 Zone VI and purchase a Canham 8x10 Standard instead. The Zone VI also has a rear standard that slides forward, but it projects two rails into the field of view. I often shoot 8x10 with a 120 Nikon. I still very much enjoy shooting with view cameras/lenses although new technology i.e. digital scanning, Jobo processing, Epson printers have been nice additions. Thanks to the moderators etc. for continuing with this very useful website. BW

Alan Gales
25-Aug-2015, 14:57
Welcome back to the forum, wyliecoyote!

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