View Full Version : Large Format Workshop in the Eastern Sierras

Rick Rosen
24-Aug-2015, 09:47
Come join Steve Simmons and myself for a Large Format Workshop in the Eastern Sierras. Fun and learning.

24-Aug-2015, 10:10
Looks like a wonderful opportunity for those that can plan this or have the vacation. I remember seeing something similar take place around that same time last year.

Excuse my ignorance, but how advanced is a workshop like this?

Rick Rosen
24-Aug-2015, 10:18
It's not just for advanced large format photographers. Because it is a small group we can work with the attendees individually.

24-Aug-2015, 10:55
Some years ago, I attended an in-field workshop of Steve Simmons at his Large Format convention in Louisville, KY. Steve is patient, good natured and an excellent teacher.

One thing in particular I learned from Steve: If the handles of your tripod are "jamming you" in the gut, turn the damn camera around. It sure made focusing easier, and even when the camera was level.

I highly recommend Steve, both as a teacher and as a cool guy.


Thom Bennett
24-Aug-2015, 12:46
Steve has juried a couple of shows for us and taught workshops in conjunction with the openings of the exhibits. Great teacher! Hell, he wrote the book Using the View Camera which says it all.