View Full Version : Where to buy sheet film in Portland, OR, on a Sunday

James Morris
22-Aug-2015, 22:12
Can anyone tell me if it's possible to buy 4x5 sheet film in Portland OR on a Sunday? The place I know about, Pro Photo, is closed then.

Gary Tarbert
23-Aug-2015, 06:53
Hi James , i think the days of just dropping into a shop and picking up film supplies are gone in most parts of the world ,And pro suppliers have never been that fond of opening on sundays, even 20 years ago 5x4 on a Sunday would have been hard to get i should have imagined .

neil poulsen
23-Aug-2015, 09:01
Nothing that I'm aware of on a Sunday.

23-Aug-2015, 12:12
If you can travel up to Seattle, Glazers is open on Sunday.

Plenty of sheet film.

You still have a few hours. :cool:

Leszek Vogt
23-Aug-2015, 13:25
I'm little slow today....Heroique, you beat me to it.


Peter Gomena
23-Aug-2015, 15:08
Nowhere in Portland. Limited hours on Saturdays, too. I know Pro Photo stocks a few different sheet films, not sure about Citizens on the east side.

24-Aug-2015, 20:52
Citizens and Blue Moon are your best spots, but neither are open on Sunday.