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Fred V
19-Aug-2015, 10:47
Hello everyone, I'm very excited about becoming part of this group of LF enthusiasts.

I am recently retired and have had an interest in B&W photography for 40 years and LF for about 20. However, with career and family I was never able to achieve any kind of continuity with my interest...I looked at a lot of photographs but did not take many. I found this site (and APUG) only a couple of weeks ago and it has renewed my enthusiasm so I bought some film & chemicals and want to get started for the Nth time. I hope to get to the point where I can contribute as a result of my experiences.

If anyone lives in the St. Louis area you now have a new LF neighbor...


Mark Sawyer
19-Aug-2015, 11:32
Welcome, Fred! Looking forward to seeing your work!

19-Aug-2015, 14:52
Welcome, Fred! There is a LF group in Chicago!

Alan Gales
19-Aug-2015, 15:37
Welcome to the forum, neighbor Fred! I live in Brentwood, Mo. just down the street from the St. Louis Galleria.


Fred V
19-Aug-2015, 17:59
Thanks Alan, I know that area well...I am near 6 Flags.

Alan Gales
19-Aug-2015, 18:22
My buddy Harold lives in Eureka. He owns a Toyo 45A plus a million smaller cameras from Minox to Pentax 67.