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19-Aug-2015, 08:40
Hello Everyone!
I'm a new member of this useful forum, the name is Bryen Gilchrist, 25 years old by profession an IT Expert but the passion is Cameras, Lenses and all about photography. Just reach here with the help of google when I type on the search bar that "the best Camera discussion community". Well I taken a look around and beginning loving this discussion community. I'm sure I come up at the right place, just need help to accelerate my knowledge of all the members. Let's if someone coming up to say welcome Bryen.

19-Aug-2015, 14:25
Welcome Bryan! :cool:

19-Aug-2015, 14:48
Welcome Bryen!:cool:

Alan Gales
19-Aug-2015, 15:40
Welcome to the forum, Bryen!

20-Aug-2015, 04:02
Thank you so much Jmarmck, diversey & Alan Galas.

20-Aug-2015, 09:54
Welcome Bryen.

Andrew O'Neill
21-Aug-2015, 07:17
Welcome. So, what kind of photography are you into? What type of LF camera do you use? Format?

21-Aug-2015, 07:35
Now now, not everyone knows what large format means.

Andrew O'Neill
21-Aug-2015, 21:59
I know but one can still ask, no?