View Full Version : Vuescan fujifil pro 160ns settings for epson v700

18-Aug-2015, 08:29
I've shot kodak portra in the past and never had issues scanning it. Color rendition is a little tricky, but generally quite acurate. In a recent attempt to reduce costs a bit, I've shot a box of fuji pro 160ns. Now the sheets are dry, I reckoned I would scan them for cataloguing. However, regrdless of the settings or profile I use, I get screaming colors that are way off what they should be. I've tried most settings by now, nothing works. Is anyone else using the combination of an epson flatbed, vuescan and fuji pro 160 NS? If so, could you share the settings you use? Thanks!

Tyler Boley
18-Aug-2015, 11:23
this may or may not help. and I'm not too familiar with the vuescan interface, but with color negs this has been relevant for me...
The "profiles" or whatever controls scanner software offers for color negs are not icc profiles.. at some point a working space profile will be assigned, that has no way of knowing the characteristics of your film. If there is a vuescan preference for assiging a color space, try something more reigned in like Adobe RGB, not Pro PhotoRGB. However don't select sRGB.
The assignment (not conversion) of a color space does not clip or throw anything away, only defines how it looks and converts from there to you monitor and/or printer profiles, or other conversions. Once in Photoshop, you can convert from Adobe RGB to a larger space like ProPhoto if you prefer working in a larger space. Hopefully you are in 48 bit color.

Another quick test for this, open your saturated scan in Photoshop and go to assign profile, and scroll through the different working spaces and you will see what I mean very quickly...