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8-Aug-2015, 10:37
Hi All,

I'm about to post some major gear on eBay. I'd like to make it known here before I do. Is it permitted to "advertise" here?

Also I'd like to get others' opinions. I'm going to list the gear as local pickup only. That is the buyer would have to come to my house in Oceanside, CA to get it or have a shipper show up to crate it and take it away. I guess I could show a video of the gear working before it's crated (it's in perfect working condition, hardware, software, accessories). Scanners are heavy, delicate things and I can't be responsible for it once it's out my door.

Any opinion as to whether I can sell it with those constraints?



8-Aug-2015, 11:15
The rules are stated in the header of the For Sale / Wanted forum.

One rule is "Auctions are not permitted, nor are announcements, pointers or links to items for sale at other web sites or points of sale."

Oren Grad
8-Aug-2015, 11:20
Please review the Forum guidelines: