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31-Jul-2015, 12:16
Today I was looking for a synch cord for one of my Graphic cameras. So I pulled up the Paramount Cords website. But the only thing I saw was the banner across the top giving the name and phone number.

I thought the website was messed up so I called them and talked to the owner John. He said they are redoing their website today and it will not be up and working until tonight.

I asked him about synch cords for Graphic / Graflex cameras. He said unlike their old website, we won't be able to find them on the new website because, he said, "As you know, there are no new Graphic / Graflex cameras being sold." I agreed with him and said but there are a lot of us using and restoring those cameras so will need synch cords. He said he will be glad to custom make anything needed.

So now when you need a synch cord, you will have to give John a call at (718) 401-0288 then press #3.

31-Jul-2015, 19:51
Build on demand to reduce inventory?

Peter De Smidt
31-Jul-2015, 20:18
Well, that's not so bad.

Oren Grad
1-Aug-2015, 07:42
That's too bad. FWIW, when I've needed a bi-post sync cord I've always just used the B&H website as a catalog, and a source. If you put "sync cord bipost" into the search box, the relevant Paramount listings are still there. And what's perhaps the most important one - bi-post to female PC - is still a stock item.

3-Aug-2015, 06:59
ebay usually has several listed at any one time