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29-Jul-2015, 14:39
Hi all,
I am new to the forum and learning the scanning/processing thing. I have a canoscan 9000f and a betterscanning setup I have been using for 120 film and a Nikon 5000ed for 35mm. I have been trying to get into 4x5 and larger film so I picked up a new to me scanner for large format. I paid 200.00 for the scanner with a G4 deal!. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Scitex graphic software v3.1 with the SCSI connection. The scanner produces sharp scans at 8bit per channel and 2500dpi fine for me and look better then the canoscan. But the color and other tools are not very good in my opinion(or at least I cant get a good finished pic with them). I would like to scan just unprocessed negatives on the Eversmart jazz scanner and work on them in PS and the colorneg plugin. But I cant find any setting to allow me to do this. Also for some reason I have no access to expert mode.

Any help or guidance would be great.

30-Jul-2015, 15:03
Talk to Michael at http://www.genesis-equipment.com/ he should be able to help you acquiring a newer software to scan in 16 bits.


3-Aug-2015, 07:01
thanks for the lead...

Kirk Gittings
3-Aug-2015, 07:07
I researched this awhile back and I thought I remember the 16 bit software was only for Windows-could be wrong.