View Full Version : Looking for thin black plastic

Peter De Smidt
27-Jul-2015, 15:01
I'd like to make some masks for my flatbed scanner. The glass is about 8.5" x 12". Since I wet mount, I don't want to use paper. This is just to lay over the negative and block light. So thin, opaque, black, not too hard to cut with a razor, impervious to liquids, lays flat... Any suggestions?

27-Jul-2015, 15:19
Any stationery store has plastic covers for reports, I'm not in the US but we have Staples and they sell them in different colours inc Black, sort of pearl finish one side more exaggerated than photo papers, flatter on the other.

The International size is A4 but you get what they sell in the US :D should be big enough (larger).


Joe Smigiel
27-Jul-2015, 15:20
Evergreen black styrene sheets are sold at many hobby shops and online. Model makers use the stuff and I've used it to make plate holder inserts for wetplate.

Peter De Smidt
27-Jul-2015, 15:25
Thanks! I'll check those out.

27-Jul-2015, 16:52
Maybe you can use Cinefoil???

Steve K

Randy Moe
27-Jul-2015, 17:08
Lay flat is the trick.

That other thread suggested rubber...

Peter De Smidt
27-Jul-2015, 17:37
I didn't see the other thread, but I do have a bunch of black epdm rubber on hand. I'm going to line my plywood sink with some soon. I painted the sink with epoxy paint about 20 years ago, and it could use a refresh. Thanks for the idea, Randy!