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27-Jul-2015, 12:31
When I took up a camera again 10+ years ago (mid life crisis and all), I picked up a Leica M7. My rationale has always been "the smallest tool that gives me the highest quality (so I have nothing to blame on except myself)"

In the back of my mind, the large format camera is a siren song that I kept hearing. 3 years ago, I plunged in, starting with a 617 Shen Hao since I love panoramic. For a year or so, my 4x5 collection grew to 3 cameras. After a while, 3 are reduced to 1, the Chamonix 4x5 F1 (also still have and use the SH 617).

In 2014, I started a portrait project, Transformations:Cosplay - cosplayers/costumers in and out of the costumes. A few months ago, I started another portrait project, Worldbuilders of Science Fiction & Fantasy, authors, writers, and other creative types in the SF&F field.

I don't expect the Transformations:Cosplay until June 2016 at the earliest. Likewise, the Worldbuilders of SF&F project will take at least 2-3 years.

A few days ago, I finally I got a HTML5 Gallery plugin and now I can make web galleries easily!

Now they should work on any devices, including the iStuff! If you have a few minutes, please look at

Transformations: Cosplay Portraiture Project

Worldbuilders of SF&F
(ooo boy, I need to tweak the color matching more)

THANK YOU, I have learned much from this site and you folks.

27-Jul-2015, 19:35
Love it! I was hoping to catch a bunch I saw at at a fair last year, later this year. Not a project, just interesting sitters for some portraits.
Keep up the good work.


27-Jul-2015, 19:48

Was the plugin for Lightroom or another program?

Pali K
27-Jul-2015, 20:28
Really enjoyed going through your cosplay gallery in one go Richard. Been watching your work in the forums here but it's nice to see it all together in your gallery.


27-Jul-2015, 22:25
Thanks for the kind words, folks!


Was the plugin for Lightroom or another program?

Stone, JuiceBox. They have a free version (limited to 50 images) and the Pro is $45.

Alan Gales
28-Jul-2015, 20:47
Thank you, Richard! I really enjoy your cosplay images. What a great idea!