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Pierre 2
26-Jul-2015, 19:17
Hi to all,

Have a long time friend living on a lonely piece of land about 1.5 hour away from Montreal. No running water, no electricity. Chosen or not, he is living a somewhat secluded life. If I get his permission, will be posting a couple of pictures I took.

Now, on my last visit, he showed me an area, which I had not seen for decades. He apparently kept many of the cars he have owned. There is a special spot for Beetles, one of which we dragged out of his grandmother shed about 40 years ago. Close by, there are also two Opel GT remains, one of which had pieces of its chassis stolen (the rear end has been cut off with an oxygen torch :mad:).

Vegetation is inexorably gaining terrain over those unsupported pieces which are slowly burying themselves in the ground. There is a certain beauty to the site. I have not talked to my friend about this but is there any chance some photographer would be willing to pay to gain access to such site (enough to make a difference in this guy's budget) ? I personally plan on going back there with my tent in order to get some shots in morning or maybe evening light and plan on touching this subject with him.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

26-Jul-2015, 19:33
there is tons of places like that around where we are. specially in laurentians around st Jerome and in Saint Sauveur region. i dont think he will make a biz out of that for sure. if he had a lot with airplanes or something less common but this isn so interesting

Pierre 2
26-Jul-2015, 20:29
Hum... You are probably right as those cars have more meaning for myself than they most likely would for anybody else aside from my friend. Will see if I can take and post some pictures from around those still not so common subjects.

Thanks for the reality check,

26-Jul-2015, 22:04
There is at least one place like that here in Georgia, they do charge photographers for access to the old cars.