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23-Jul-2015, 13:11
I need to buy foam for a Pelican 1650-type case. If you buy the real deal is pretty expensive. Where can you buy this padding? I need to store my lights in a case. Thanks.

23-Jul-2015, 13:24
Hi Mario!

Did you perhaps, already try doing a google Forum Search...
Or a 'general' search on this topic? The following URL Links should get you started:


Thank-you, -Tim.

Drew Bedo
23-Jul-2015, 14:14
I don't know really . . .maybe a fabric store like Jo?Ann?

Erik Larsen
23-Jul-2015, 14:51
Go to any auto upholstery shop

23-Jul-2015, 14:59
Here in Canada you can buy the egg crate foam and the pick-n-pluck foam cheaply at Canadian Tire. I'd check your equivalent tool/auto parts store.

For example:



24-Jul-2015, 07:51
Good store: Albu , Case& Bags: info@albu.de

24-Jul-2015, 20:39
Surely in San Francisco there must be a shop or 2 that specializes in foam. It will vary in density. You can pretty well bet that any white foam sucks (it will degrade over time and form small bits that migrate into your camera). Foam intended for electronics cases tends to be good. If you can freeze the foam, it will cut easier with a sharp filet knife.

25-Jul-2015, 05:17
A dealer in commercial shipping supplies should have it, as I've seen technical commercial items shipped in it...

One place I worked at long ago sold it... It came from some supplier... We used to cut it down to size using one of those electric knives that carve turkeys up on Thanksgiving... Worked great, would cut a nice flat plane!!! (Look for one at a garage sale...)

Steve K

25-Jul-2015, 14:55
I need to buy foam for a Pelican 1650-type case. If you buy the real deal is pretty expensive. Where can you buy this padding? I need to store my lights in a case. Thanks.

Have you thought about alternatives? Today I was in WalMart and saw some dense foam yoga mats rolled up and was thinking the material might be usable to line my camera cases.

BTW, the case I bought for my Mamiya RB-67 system back in the '70s has foam padding that has turned into grey dust! :eek:

A couple weeks ago a fellow was demonstrating some foam padding (for shoes?) that looked only as thick as a couple sheets of paper but protected fresh eggs from breaking when dropped from a height of about six feet. Golly, I wish I had made some notes. All I remember is he said the foam pads were made in "Europe".

25-Jul-2015, 20:09
I read up and researched all sorts of places to buy and ways to make my own padded backpack case. Finally decided I had already wasted more than $60 worth of my time, and just ponied up & ordered $60 worth of Pelican.

23-Oct-2015, 15:09

Fr. Mark
24-Oct-2015, 07:06
Some kayak makers sell a special dense foam for carving seats that might be suitable.

28-Oct-2015, 10:59
I needed a case for my 11x14 Chamonix with 3 lenses and holders. Cost of a new Pelican case was way up there. I bought an older (probably from the late 1960s) Sinar case made for their 8x10 Norma, gutted it out and padded it with glued cut sections of anti-fatigue dense foam flooring that I bought for very little money at LOWES. Nice thing was that the right bottom side of the Sinar case had a built in section to slide down into lenses on Sinar boards and by coincidence the 11x14 Chamonix uses Sinar like boards. Case is quite beat up on its exterior which makes it look a lot less valuable (and intern its possible contents) than a bright new Pelican case.


Bob Salomon
28-Oct-2015, 11:19
You want Urethane foam. It doesn't crumble over time and use like other foams, including the ones commonly used in many camera cases. The rule of thump is to make the cuts at least 1" away from the sides and at least 1" from interior compartments that you cut. That way the contents have maximum protection from impacting the insides of the case or the contents in th case.

28-Oct-2015, 15:59
Try www.foambymail.com. They have the charcoal foam listed under commercial.