View Full Version : Darkroom Space in Las Vegas?

William Whitaker
22-Jul-2015, 15:05
Recently relocated and looking for some darkroom access in Las Vegas, NV. Any suggestions?

My primary need is for open-tray sheet film processing.

Jim Galli
22-Jul-2015, 17:02
Maybe contact Dave Wooten there. He would know, and he's a helluva nice guy in any case, so good to meet and know. He should be in the list here. He doesn't post too often these days, but has a Wisner 14X17, so speaks the lingo.

Dave Wooten
22-Jul-2015, 18:08
Send e mail

William Whitaker
23-Jul-2015, 07:57
Email sent, Dave...

Dave Wooten
23-Jul-2015, 09:57
Got it:) thanks
See you soon