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17-Jul-2015, 16:21
Hello everyone,

Almost inevitably, here I am at LFPF.
I recognize many names here from APUG.

I mostly use larger formats with paper negatives, and more recently with calotypes.
Up until now, all with simple homemade box cameras, some with lenses and some pinhole.
I got started with larger sizes mostly because I wanted to make larger contact prints.

Soon I'll have up a proper 7x11 camera with holders ( what a luxury! ) and movements, so I thought I'd join over here.
For the time being, my main interest will still be paper negatives and calotypes for contact printing.
I can imagine someday I'll want to try film for contact printing, but the way my interests are going, I suspect I'll try glass plates before I try film.


Sideshow Bob
17-Jul-2015, 16:34

Alan Gales
17-Jul-2015, 16:38
Welcome to the forum, Ned. I'm also on APUG.

I shoot film but there are plenty of photographers on here that do alternative processes that will be glad to help you if you need it.

John Kasaian
17-Jul-2015, 19:45
Welcome, from California.

Sirius Glass
17-Jul-2015, 20:01
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

DG 3313
18-Jul-2015, 07:47
Hello Ned

18-Jul-2015, 10:08
welcome Ned

Leszek Vogt
18-Jul-2015, 12:57
Welcome to LF, Ned. Which area are you in ? SoCal, Central, Bay or Vaughn Cal (redwoods) ? I skipped Lassen area, since I never heard anyone with LF from there.

You could use X-ray film (v. reasonable) to play....if you get tired of paper negatives.


18-Jul-2015, 13:11
...if you get tired of paper negatives.

Hehe don't hold your breath for that happening, you should see his calotypes :)

And hello Ned ;)

Jon Shiu
18-Jul-2015, 13:22
Hi, also from California. (Will probably visit Lassen area sometime this year).


18-Jul-2015, 18:48
What a nice welcome here!

I'm a little closer to the Bay than to Vaughn California, but we've got a few big redwoods left down here too. I'm in a rural part of Sonoma County, about 60 miles north of San Francisco. I do make an annual trip to the Smith River area, right through the heart of Vaughn's territory... I'm looking forward to making some photographs up that way.

And, it's true, I've got a long way to go yet with calotypes before I'll get bored with them, Hi pdh!

Another project I'm just starting on will involve making enlarged paper negatives from 6x9 originals, but that's probably not for this forum. I do like film too, just mostly in smaller formats.

Cheers everyone!

19-Jul-2015, 18:55
Ned, welcome. Sounds like you have lots of experience with paper negs, something I haven't tried yet but as soon as I slow down on my cyanotype printing, which I have just begun, I want to try. I have a lot of very out of date paper. Would love to see some of your prints posted soon.