View Full Version : Sing the Praise of Portra 160 Scanning with Silverfast

17-Jul-2015, 15:01
I have used Vuescan for over 10+ years. Love it.

However, my recent bouts with scanning Portra 160 4x5 with the Epson V700 leaves something to be desired. Part of the problem is that in one batch when I switched to Kodak Flexicolor chemical, I did not notice that I need much more solution than the Tentanal. Oops. But even the better processed negs they always have some issues with Vuescan.

Finally I have a couple days to look at the issues. I tried the latest Vuescan (9.16) and tweaked and... almost OK, but still. Tried EpsonScan and it's better but still....

The V700 comes with a stripped down copy of SilverFast 6.6. It's OK but the negafix profile is only for Portra 160-NV/VC, not the latest generation. Then I found out that the latest release, as of Jan 2015, they finally released the Negafix profile for Portra 160 and 400, and... it's pretty darn good. It took some additional tweaking, but Silverfast does give you lots of control.

Silverfast pricing is out-of-whack (per scanner license), but at least the freebie bundle actually qualifies for an upgrade price. I will almost certainly purchase another license for the LS-9000 also.

If you have seen an earlier version of this, there are green/magenta cross bleed, but this is much better.

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