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15-Jul-2015, 01:41
Hi everyone,

I am quite new in the LF world. I have some experience in digital photography but my mind receently turned to the analogic world.
I am in love with traditional processes, mainly wet plates. I recently attended a wet collodion workshop and I am willing to start shooting my first plates.
So, I am just grasping info from everywhere and looking for a LF camera.
I am sure this forum will help me a lot, and hope I can contribute to it as my experecience increase.

Thanks a lot


Preston Capes
15-Jul-2015, 03:10
Hi Raśl
I'm new here too, not to large format though. I'm sure the folks here will be very helpful, my only advice is LF is simple keep your equipment down to a minimum and don't over complicate–most of all have fun!

Kindest Regards

16-Jul-2015, 15:38
Thank you Preston,

this is my objective but just starting it is not so easy.



John Kasaian
16-Jul-2015, 21:21
Welcome aboard!
There is a lot of useful information via the LF Home Page on the light blue banner at the top of this page.

Domingo A. Siliceo
16-Aug-2015, 03:08
Welcome, Raśl!

16-Aug-2015, 07:04
Hi Raul,

Welcome aboard,



Pali K
16-Aug-2015, 07:34
Welcome Raul.

13-Sep-2016, 20:52
Raul - is there a LF community in Madrid? I may be moving to Madrid in summer of 2017 and was wondering what sort of facilities there are for B&W photography. Probably will bring my LF 4x5 and MF 6x7 cameras - seems like there is at least one public darkroom in central Madrid.