View Full Version : Need help with some Vericolor II Type L

13-Jul-2015, 22:29
I bought a box of vericolor II type L on the bay years ago with the idea that it would be a cheap way to learn color LF. expired in 1997, box was still sealed though nobody knows how it was stored. I have to admit that I have not been very careful with it either (it was on a shelf in my darkroom when a steam pipe burst and got a little steamy).

I decided to try it out because I admittedly haven't shot LF in a long time, and I'm going thru a batch of old film with a c41 kit.


Is this salvageable at all? I tried to balance the colors as best as I could. the walls in the background are supposed to be white, as are the bed covers on the top bunk. honestly I quite like the toxic waste fog around the edges, but it's not what I had envisioned. are there any tricks you guys have to work around expired film in PS?

Also, how the hell do I avoid newton rings apart from throwing money at it (drum scanning, wet mounting, etc.)? I've got an old epson 3200 without any OEM holders, so I bought a better scanning kit with a sheet of AN glass. I've worked out a method to avoid them on 35mm and MF, but 4x5's still consistently get the rings.

David A. Goldfarb
14-Jul-2015, 02:11
To reduce the fog/magenta cast around the edges (producing a green cast on the print), try pulling one stop (double exposure and reduce development to compensate.