View Full Version : Weird time distortion

Kirk Gittings
13-Jul-2015, 07:10
When I click on my name and then go to "find latest posts" I am taken to my posts from 2007???????? Tried it a number of times, clearing cache etc. on a Macbook Pro with Google.

Ralph Barker
13-Jul-2015, 08:09
The forum software must think that 2007 was a good year for you, Kirk. ;-)

I suspect this is part of the db table issue Tom is working on.

Kirk Gittings
13-Jul-2015, 08:22
I don't even remember these posts! :) Now I get my posts from today and then it jumps to 2007. Its like I was in a coma for 8 years.

13-Jul-2015, 08:40
Do you agree with what you said then?

Rick "who might be a little embarrassed to see old posts" Denney

Preston Capes
15-Jul-2015, 08:47
When you're back in 2007 can you get me some film? I'd like some Astia in 4x5...

15-Jul-2015, 12:26
Next time you go back I want you to bring me a Voigtlander lens with prices from that time, and - if it's not asking too much - a bottle of french wine - Cabernet Sauvignon would be just perfect, ok?




Kirk Gittings
15-Jul-2015, 16:56
Man I wish!!~