View Full Version : Scan Velvia with silverfast

12-Jul-2015, 05:51
Hello, I try to scan 120 rollfilm with my epson 850 scanner and silverfast. I think the colors are not really correct. They have a blue touch and are dark.
Do you have some experience with scanning velvia film?
Thank you.
Best Cyron

Alan Klein
12-Jul-2015, 18:25
I use Epsonscan on my Epson v600. Never tried Silverfast. These are all 120 film.
Velvia 50 https://www.flickr.com/photos/alanklein2000/tags/velvia/
Velvia 100 https://www.flickr.com/photos/alanklein2000/tags/velvia100/

Bill McMannis
14-Jul-2015, 19:28
I have scanned Velvia 4x5's and 35mm with my venerable Epson 4850 and Silverfast. I never had problems with color matching, though I recalibrate the scanner whenever I have a critical scan. My biggest problem has been pulling detail out in shadows.136897

15-Jul-2015, 14:31
I had nothing but problems with silverfast for months with my Epson 750 until finally getting advise from others in the forum to use Epsonscan. Since them I have never had any issues for accurate color.

Good luck.