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9-Jul-2015, 06:46

My name is Andreas.

I am interested to learn how to use the "Scheimpflug" rule respectively selective sharpness.

I've got a Linhof Technika 70 originally belonging to the German army whatever they used it for.
Although not beeing real LF I hope to get some support...
... I already noticed that the 70 is not the best camera to learn it due to its 2x3 format and due to its missing front swing...
General Scheimpflug seems to be possible do to the rotating back and the possibility to use a

Would be fine to meet people using a Baby Linhof.

Best regards


John Kasaian
9-Jul-2015, 07:28
Welcome Andreas!

Sirius Glass
9-Jul-2015, 10:15
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

9-Jul-2015, 11:22
Sorry, last sentence should read as:

General Scheimpflug seems to be possible by means of the rotating back and a ball head.

Michael Clark
9-Jul-2015, 12:27
Hi pandreas, the Scheimpflug rules are used in large format so your question about the Scheimplug rules is ok for this forum .

Michael E
9-Jul-2015, 13:39

welcome to the forum. The Scheimpflug principle is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Some beginners "overdo" it, many times some simple depth of field is all you need.

I have a 6x9cm Technika (that I never use) and could explain the basic Scheimpflug principle, but I don't exactly live in your part of the woods. PM me, maybe we can talk on the phone sometime.