View Full Version : New large format friend from the west coast

7-Jul-2015, 19:58
Hello, Salutations,

Allow me to introduce myself:
My name's Daniel and I'm here to find and trade info on the topic of large format cameras and gear.

Formats that interest me: 4x5, 5x7, 8x10.

Lenses that intrigue me: 150mm..360mm of sironar-n, sinaron-n, caltar II-n.

Have a nice day.

7-Jul-2015, 20:06

where abouts the west coast?

John Kasaian
7-Jul-2015, 20:18
Welcome from just East of the West Coast, Fresno

Alan Gales
7-Jul-2015, 20:37
Welcome to the forum, Daniel!

Andrew O'Neill
8-Jul-2015, 17:23
Welcome from the west coast of Canada!