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20-Jun-2015, 11:34
Hello from the East Coast. I've been a casual photographer over the years. Started using digital, progressed over time to better "bridge" cameras, and recently got my first DSLR to accompany me while hiking. I used to focus on putting in the miles while hiking, but now the emphasis has shifted to where my objective is photographing what I'm seeing, more than going for distance. The DSLR and a nice telephoto helps me to get wildlife photos I like, but wide angle with the DSLR doesn't seem to do justice to the nice trees and forest scenery. The threads I'm seeing here on trees, and landscape, illustrate what I'd like to be able to capture with the landscape around me here in Virginia.

So I'm reading up and learning a lot from the forum about how to do just that.


John Kasaian
20-Jun-2015, 11:51
Welcome, Victor2

20-Jun-2015, 12:03
Prepare to be amazed. Great group of smart and talented people. Welcome Victor.

Alan Gales
20-Jun-2015, 13:40
Welcome to the forum Victor2.

Digital is fun but you will soon find out that shooting large format film is just special!

Peter De Smidt
20-Jun-2015, 13:59

Pali K
20-Jun-2015, 14:27
Welcome Victor2. Where in Virginia are you located?


20-Jun-2015, 14:41
Thanks everyone for the welcome. I'm in Sterling, in Northern Virginia.

Tim Meisburger
20-Jun-2015, 16:48
Great Falls Park should be nice. I used to climb there a lot in the eighties, and when I visit DC this summer plan to go out there for a day.

welcome to the forum, from an old virginie boy!

Pali K
20-Jun-2015, 17:49
Victor you are very close to me. I am in MoCo MD.

Tim, have you ever hiked around the great falls with 8x10 setup? I ask because I am going to brave it soon but I have hiked the MD side many times without any LF gear and it is scary enough without it. It would nice to hear others experience around the area.



Tim Meisburger
20-Jun-2015, 18:27
No, I shot only 35mm in those days. I think the Billy Goat trail on the Md side is rougher than the trails on the VA side, so it might be better there with an 8x10. Good luck!

Victor, maybe you can meet up with Pali one Saturday at Great Falls. I could be out there early Sunday morning on July 26, if I'm not too jet-lagged. The park doesn't open until 7:00, which I think is pretty late in the summer for good light, but might have an hour or so. If I'm thinking correctly, the morning light should be from the Maryland side, so it might be nice on the falls. You can shoot from the overlooks, but also would be nice to get down to the riverbed and work your way up as close as possible. Not sure how feasible that is, but might be worth a scout.

Alan Gales
20-Jun-2015, 19:36
Great Falls Park should be nice. I used to climb there a lot in the eighties, and when I visit DC this summer plan to go out there for a day.

welcome to the forum, from an old virginie boy!

Tim, virgin is spelled v i r g i n. Not v i r g i n i e! ;)

21-Jun-2015, 20:05
Hello Tim, Pali,

I used to rock climb at Great Falls, and Carderock, also, back in the 90s. My wife and I also enjoyed hiking the Billy Goat trail years ago, the Cross County Trail in Fairfax County, and other trails in the region. Beautiful area. I would enjoy meeting up sometime at Great Falls, my only limitation at this stage now is heat intolerance - I can't be outside when it is over 70 degrees (neurological disease that has hit me in recent years). I can still hike a bit, but I have to save it for Fall through Spring. So it is likely that July won't be cool enough, but I've found that sometimes I can steal an hour on some early summer mornings, if we are having a cool spell, so I'm not ruling it out. Looking forward to meeting both of you.

Tim Meisburger
21-Jun-2015, 23:47
Sorry to hear about that Victor, chances are it will still be well over 70 at 7:00 am on July 26, so I guess that is off. It would be hard for you in Bangkok as well. We play soccer here ever Sunday and yesterday it was 95, but two weeks ago it was 100. Too hot for football, but no other choice.

There is a fair chance I'll move back to DC a year from now, and then we can get together in the fall or winter and do some climbing and shooting, though I may need to drop a few pounds first! One year in the 80s the river froze up, with the falls full of big chunks and blocks of ice, and it was possible to cross from Virginia to Maryland on foot. That would have been fantastic with large format.

Cheers, Tim

27-Jun-2015, 15:11
Welcome Victor, I am in South central VA, about an hour south of Roanoke. I read over but did not notice you mentioning any large format camera gear - was just wondering.

Sirius Glass
27-Jun-2015, 19:32
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

1-Jul-2015, 14:21
Hello Randy,
No I don't have any large format gear yet. I've been reading a lot here and trying to decide which of the assortment of film sizes, camera bodies, and lens would best support my wishes - trees and landscapes in the relatively tight forests here, as well as getting a sense of the market prices for the various equipment. Then there is the factor of what I want to do with my pictures - post them, contact print them, etc and how that impacts the gear choices. I would like to get gear that I will stay with as I learn.