View Full Version : V800 vs 9000f

10-Jun-2015, 20:06

I'm happy to be over here from APUG, lots more to discuss with a more focused subject.

I'm looking to upgrade my scanner so that I can do 4x5 - anyone have experience with both of these units? I'm wondering how big of a difference I might see in overall quality, since the canon is really not that old for me.


Doug Fisher
11-Jun-2015, 06:56
Don't expect a dramatic difference in true optical resolution. If you are going to try to scan 4x5 on your 9000f though, remember that you will have to do it in strips and then stitch. That factor alone would motivate me to upgrade!

If you are looking to save some money, I would watch for one of the often-discussed V700 or V750 refurbished deals at the Epson Store's clearance center.


Alan Gales
12-Jun-2015, 09:10
Pat, I agree with Doug that stitching is for the birds. A V800 can scan up to 8x10 if you one day decide to get a larger camera than your new (to you) 4x5. From what I have read you won't see much of any real improvement with the V800 over the V700 or V750 so you might want to take Doug's sage advice and save yourself some money buying an older version.

Welcome to the LFPF. You will see quite a few familiar names from APUG on here.