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8-Jun-2015, 10:45
Hello, I'm Joe and I live in Louisiana. I just happened to see this section. I am fairly new here. I mostly read the post to learn what I need since most things are covered.

I have been wanting to do Wetplate Photography for a few years now but have just recently taken the plunge. I have a whole plate camera being made but in the meantime I picked up a 10x12 Vageeswari. After messing with that camera for a little bit I decided that it would not be a good every day camera due to the abuse that it will have to endure. I just picked me up a Cambo 4x5 as my main camera to learn on and get better with. I'll have my 10x12 for when I want to do larger photos in the future but for now the 4x5 will be my workhorse.

I don't have a photography background so everything is new to me. I do shoot digital some also but again, an amateur with a few paying gigs now and then for friends and family. I am just trying to read and watch videos to suck up any info I can that will help me. This place has been a tool of mine to learn with so I thought I would say hello.

Just made my first plates a couple weeks ago. I am working on getting my dark room together so I can really jump in and get things going.

Anyways.....Just thought I would say hello and introduce myself.

Sirius Glass
8-Jun-2015, 13:51
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

8-Jun-2015, 21:29

Tim Meisburger
9-Jun-2015, 04:57
Welcome Joe. Whenever I read Louisiana I think gumbo. Can't help it.

Looking forward to seeing you photos from down that way.

9-Jun-2015, 08:25
Welcome to the group. A great bunch of very smart people.

Alan Gales
9-Jun-2015, 10:01
Not trying to be morbid but in Louisiana you have all those great cemeteries. They would make a unique subject for wet plate.

Welcome to the forum!

Alan Gales
9-Jun-2015, 10:03
Welcome to the group. A great bunch of very smart people.

Dick, it's just fitting that I'm the first to post after you wrote that! ;)

We also have a lot of fun on here! :)

9-Jun-2015, 11:15
Well the food here is what many think about so its just natural. Lots of good food here for sure.

Alan, you are correct. Lots of great cemeteries down here also. Im sure I will make my way to a few and see what I can photograph.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

John Kasaian
9-Jun-2015, 20:59
Welcome aboard!