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7-Jun-2015, 12:55
I was able to attend my first Civil War Reenactment yesterday. I'm from GA so you'd think I'd have seen one before! I saw some "drills" in Gettysburg once but not a full battle. This was a small-town festival about 2 hours from me and I just happened to find out there was going to be a reenactment (the festival wasn't advertised at all, it's a community thing more than a touristy attraction).

Here's some images, I still have a few more sheets to develop. Figured I'd make my own thread since there were so many. For those wanting to know the details, I shot all handheld with my Linhof Master Technika. Lenses included my Schneider 90mm f/5.6 XL that I recently got working with my rangefinder, a Voigtlander 15cm f/4.5 APO Lanthar, and finally my Zeiss 250mm f/5.6 Sonnar. T-Max 100 dev'd in Rodinal and Fuji 160S for the color shots.

http://www.oceanstarproductions.com/photosharing/cwr/civilwar-2104s.jpg http://www.oceanstarproductions.com/photosharing/cwr/civilwar-2109s.jpg



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7-Jun-2015, 13:36
Some unique portraits, Corran.

Those kids must enjoy holding rifles, but if this reenactment were historically accurate, shouldn't they be holding drums?

And if anyone had the courage to play Sherman in Georgia, I hope you captured him in action and can share the image!

7-Jun-2015, 13:55
Good question! No drums sadly but the "scenario" played out was those two boys getting captured and the ensuing gunfight. They had cannons and fired them. I'll post more of that when I develop the photos.

No Sherman unfortunately :).

Tim Meisburger
7-Jun-2015, 17:31
The problem I always have with these is everyone is too fat (including me), and often they are too old (including me). If I look at war photos up to Vietnam the soldiers are all skinny and mostly young.

Modern soldiers are not skinny. They may not be fat, but tend at least to be solid.

Pali K
7-Jun-2015, 19:36
Bryan, these are really cool. I especially like the color ones.


7-Jun-2015, 19:42
Tim, you are certainly correct, if one is looking for historical accuracy. Photographically, I know a lot of people get their kicks from shooting historically accurate lenses/cameras/plates, but personally I enjoyed documenting the event itself rather than trying to make things look as if I'd shot it 150 years ago. As I was shooting the color ones I was thinking about this. I don't think I've seen a color LF photo from a Civil War reenactment before! Not that it hasn't been done of course.

I only wish I had more time with these folks. They packed up real quick after the battle - it is summer in the south after all, and conditions were very hot and muggy/buggy. I still several Grafmatics worth of photos in about an hour.

Thanks Pali!

I've got a few more fresh off the scanner that I will post in a while. Couldn't get around to developing my last few sheets tonight so still more to go on that front too.

7-Jun-2015, 22:32
Speaking of historical accuracy, there were a couple of young women dressed up as soldiers! Kind of interesting.

Here's one of the cannons they shot:


Tim Meisburger
7-Jun-2015, 23:58
Hi Bryan,

I'm not being critical, just making an observation. It kind of takes me out of the immersive experience they are aiming for. They are great shots though, and I agree with your observation about color. I'm just too bloody literal-minded. I remember walking through Pompeii and thinking that if they really wanted to to look like it did in Roman times the streets should be open sewers, flowing with stinking shit. That's what it was actually like...

8-Jun-2015, 03:54
No worries Tim, I didn't think you were being critical. I can definitely see the appeal of a complete immersion by way of historical accuracy.

9-Jun-2015, 05:31
A couple more...
This guy told me he was retiring - he's 70 years old and was as history teacher!


Here's the cannon about to be shot:


9-Jun-2015, 21:33
Where was the reenactment? I am in Atlanta and might want to make plans to go there in 2016.

9-Jun-2015, 22:15
It was in Alma GA as part of their local "Blueberry Festival." Not sure if it's a yearly thing (the reenactment I mean). The guy I photographed above said the group does stuff like this all over the southeast. I didn't get a chance to find the leader of the group so I don't know if they have a website or schedule or what.

20-Jul-2015, 06:30
finally a correct confederate flag. you never see those

20-Jul-2015, 23:12


Beginning in 2002, The Georgia Blueberry Festival added a new element to the festivities. The festival takes place in the first weekend of June, which is soon after Memorial Day. The festival now incorporates recognition of our Veterans and those who have served our country. This patriotic theme is now an integral part of The Georgia Blueberry Festival.
Also, for the last few years, the festival has included Civil War re-enactors who set up camps and enact a dame scene to give festival goers a glimpse of what life was like in the 1860’s.

21-Jul-2015, 05:54
Impressive work!


21-Jul-2015, 08:36
finally a correct confederate flag. you never see those

Yes, quite rare! That particular version wasn't for long because of the concern that the Southern Cross could be accidentally hidden to look like a flag of truce.