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Henry Yorke
27-May-2015, 17:05
There's an interesting article on Baldwin Lee written by Mark Steinmetz (also a great photographer) last February on Time's Light Box (http://time.com/3694626/photographing-black-lives-in-americas-south/) that I just came across today. Steinmetz calls Lee's work in the US South "among the most remarkable in American photography of the past half century".

If you go to Chrysler Museum of Art website, there's is a set of Lee's photographs along with some audio narration about the background of the photos, here:


It's a bit awkward - you have to open the link to the audio on another tab so you can listen to it and look at the photo at the same time - but Lee's photos are wonderful 4x5 work.

Apparently, Lee has a memoir, though I don't think it's been published yet.

Will S
28-May-2015, 05:48
Asking the police where "it isn't safe" and then going there to photograph.... absolutely brilliant!

Michael W
28-May-2015, 06:53
Never heard of him. There's some good work there, would love to see the book published. Thanks for the link.

28-May-2015, 07:04
Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for posting it.
(Sorry the Knoxville link isn't working.)