View Full Version : First 4x5 photo! Hanging Lake, Colorado

Tom Cuccio
26-May-2015, 19:50
I have been shooting with the GX617, 120 film over the last few years. I recently picked up the 4x5 Shen Hao in hopes to replace my digital camera. Here is my first photo with the Shen Hao of Hanging Lake, CO. Although overexposed a bit I am fairly happy with the color, sharpness and that there was no fogging of the image. I have been doing my own E-6 processing for just over a year now, so the switch to developing 4x5 was easy to do. I am finding shooting with Velvia 100 is a lot more light sensitive than Velvia 50. . .


26-May-2015, 23:19
pretty psychedelic colors there; welcome to the forum, lots of pretty country around your parts, hope to see some more.