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The Deer Gunter
26-May-2015, 10:36
Iím having this weird issue with an iQsmart3 scanner that thinks itís an iQsmart2 model. I know for a fact Iím not the only one who is experiencing this, but Iím still in doubt how many are out there in the same situation. Please donít ask me whether Iím really dealing with an iQ3 model or not, because it indisputable is a 3!

Here are the facts:
- The scanner is connected to a Mirrored Drive Door G4 PowerMac via one of the internal FireWire ports, 2GB RAM installed. The Mac is running on Leopard, OS X 10.5.8.
- The oXYgen Scan software, version 2.6.3, installs flawlessly. The registration of the sn. does not provoke any conflicts.
- The calibration of the scanner runs without error.
- Running the oXYgen Scan software gives only access to iQsmart2 specifications (no DT options, and no true optical iQ3 resolutions).
- Running the ScannerExplorer app results in a window telling me it found an iQsmart2 scanner, FW revision 2258 and the right serial number.
- Running the ServiceDiagnostics app, it actually finds an iQ3 model. Not a word about iQ2! (see attachment)
- Running the ScannerCalibration app, I tried to reassign the iQ3 model to the Electronics Box, but that returns an error message saying ďSelected scanner-type and actual scanner-type mismatch.Ē (see attachment)

I tried reinstalling from scratch, to no avail.

Does anyone understand what is happening? And more importantly, has anyone been successful to get out of this situation?

Patrick Raymore
9-Jul-2015, 10:38
The only explanation I can think of is that you are running an IQsmart3 scanner with an IQsmart2 PC board in it. The board/tray is actually easy to remove from the back of the Scanner. I do believe the boards are physically interchangable. The software taps into both the board and the scanning sensory. I think you need professional help. Michael from genesis or Rayn (do site search) should be able to help. Sorry you are having so much trouble. The IQsmart3 has been a superb scanner for me.

9-Jul-2015, 20:01
Also - there is a desk at the new "alaris" kodak company manned with real Iqsmart experts, and if by luck your machine was ever officially registered, they will not only happily service it for free, they will also be able to help you over the phone.
I got in contact through their facebook page, but since lost the number (and the scanner). Easily found again though with a bit of effort. If they cant help, they know who can.

The Deer Gunter
10-Jul-2015, 02:23
Thank you Patrick and Koh for your replies and advise!

Meanwhile I've learned more about this issue, thanks to someone I met through the internet with exactly the same problem. You are pointing in the right direction Patrick, but there are more components that can cause these kind of conflicts.
In my case the CCD head plays the main role ...

The CCD head of the iQsmart scanner series is different. It can be easily recognized by the sticker on the metal housing of the head. The iQ1 has an orange sticker, the iQ2 has a green sticker and the iQ3 carries a white sticker. The CAT NO. of the CCD head should match the CAT NO. of the electronic panel on the head (located under the double white flat cables).
The machine that was acquired by my employer is supposed to be an iQsmart3 model, and it is wired as such, but it contains a CCD head of an iQsmart2 model. Before a scanner is actually recognized as an iQ3 model, these two conditions have to be met. As you can see from the pictures hereby attached, this is not the case. Mystery solved, although it remains a question why Creo delivered the machine this way.


I decided to keep the machine as is, as it is in great condition (it has only a couple of hundred scans on the counter) and I'm more than happy with the resolutions the iQ2 model is capable of.