View Full Version : What to do with an old Microtek Scanmaker 5?

23-May-2015, 11:14
Quite a few years ago, I purchased a new Microtek Scanmaker 5. I intended to scan film with it, but like all good intentions, did not use it much. Today I am trying to decide if it could be of any use to someone who might need to make large 4x5 or 8x10 scans. I would be happy to give it away, rather than dumping into eWaste. The unique feature is this scanner has a separate transparency drawer so there is no glass between the scan head and the film. The specs are:

36-bit, single pass
Kodak 8000 element linear array CCD
Long Life Cold Cathode lamps (with few hours)
Optical Rez: 1000x2000
Optical Dmax: 3.6
SCSI Interface, cable included

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

25-May-2015, 07:16
I've three I-900's and they are real work horses and do nice work.
They are rather expensive to ship as they are quite heavy.
Most used ones don't come with the calibrating strips, and generally some of the film holders are missing.

The SCSI interface on yours may be a problem.
The I-900's offer both USB & Firewire.

25-May-2015, 16:58
PM sent, general inquiry

28-May-2015, 09:16
Thank you all for your thoughts and interest.

Tracy Storer
28-May-2015, 12:54
Where are you located? It might be of interest.