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22-May-2015, 08:49

I would like to take an opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Michael and I have been visiting here for a couple of years, yeah no reason to rush in but I was talking it all in and not wanting to show my na´vetÚ. When I was young I was given an Durst enlarger and processing equipment, I read the manuals that were in with the gear and got curious. Saved my lawn mowining money and bought a Exakta VX 500 camera new for $50, it was a wile ago. I was bitten and got the bug. I ended up on a pretty common path, shot school yearbooks, cars, planes and concerts. Eventually, I worked through a couple of Nikon FE's and a 4x5 Cambo. Eventually I ended up having to put the cameras aside, life got in the way, all with the intention of returning to them. Now it's time to return. I'm currently rebuilding my kit. Recently I've purchased a Toyo 45 monorail, 210mm Schneider, Nikon F5, Gossen SBC and a Pentax spot V. I'm currently building a nitrogen burst development system, and I've been following the thread on the nitrogen burst system that Randy Moe has been writing about. It was his thread that has prompted me to finally to introduce myself. I look forward to taking in a lot more great information and ideas as well hopefully being able to contribute something of value as well.


Peter De Smidt
22-May-2015, 08:57
Welcome, Michael!

John Kasaian
22-May-2015, 11:17
Welcome aboard!

Randy Moe
22-May-2015, 12:02

I'm glad somebody reads my posts!

22-May-2015, 12:59

Michael Clark
22-May-2015, 13:15
Welcome Michael , an Exakta for $50 new from mowing lawns, well that pretty much dates your age like a lot of us those were the good old days.