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William Whitaker
21-May-2015, 12:39
Moderators: If this announcement is mis-posted, please re-locate it to the appropriate sub-forum.

Because of some upcoming major changes in my life (and because it's renewal time), my website is going to go away mid-June 2015 (give or take) . That in and of itself is not really post-worthy, but it also means that my little page on Using the Wollensak Verito Lens (http://wfwhitaker.com/tech/verito.htm) is going to go away at the same time.

I know some folks around these parts have found that very useful. So if any of you wish to be able to refer to the information on the Verito lens in the future, you might wish to save the page to your own computer or other storage device. I am happy to share that info with anyone who desires it for his or her personal use. However, I request that it not be re-posted through another web site or distribution channel. Nor do I wish it to be used for any commercial purpose.

If there is a consensus that it might be useful as an article on the home page of this forum, I think that would be appropriate since that is why I created the page in the first place. I don't know how that would happen, but perhaps clicking the small black "triangle of death" in the bottom left corner to report this post and adding a message saying something to the effect of saving my page as an article might do it.


21-May-2015, 12:46
I think it could be easily moved to the LF Home Page under the "Lenses" section...

Randy Moe
21-May-2015, 12:57
Thanks for the warning.

I have viewed your Verito page several times.

It would be nice to see it saved somewhere here.

Randy Moe
21-May-2015, 12:58
Thanks for the warning.

I have viewed your Verito page several times.

It would be nice to see it saved somewhere here.

I did black triangulate it!

Oren Grad
21-May-2015, 12:59
Thanks for the heads-up, Will.

I will bring up the Verito page for discussion among the moderator team.

William Whitaker
21-May-2015, 13:00
Thank you Oren!

Ken Lee
21-May-2015, 13:05
I modified the title of this thread so that people won't think that this website is disappearing.

Randy Moe
21-May-2015, 13:05
Good point!

William Whitaker
21-May-2015, 13:10
Good catch Ken! As soon as I clicked the 'post' button, I saw the same issue, but it was down the chute and I couldn't do anything about it from the peon level.
Amazing the difference that two letters make!

21-May-2015, 13:25
Everyone needs to know about archive.org's Wayback machine. Punch in an address, and it will give you a choice of the times it has saved a particular page.
For instance, on August 11, 2011: https://web.archive.org/web/20110811173033/http://wfwhitaker.com/tech/verito.htm

William Whitaker
21-May-2015, 14:00
That's a good point - and I've used it myself for other defunct sites. Kind of like raising the dead!

Randy Moe
21-May-2015, 14:10
Only works for sites and pages that have been up for a while.

I know several of my vanity sites never got snatched.

Tom Westbrook
21-May-2015, 16:40
You can contact QT Luong using the link at the top of the LF Home Page where his name is. He manages the Home Page articles.