View Full Version : Is there a Gear for Sale sub-forum??

20-May-2015, 06:45
Hi all, this may be the dumbest post ever, but I have seen references to a "For Sale" forum, but try as I might I cannot find it. Is that gone? Is it hidden somewhere? Please help :-)

I've now bought all the gear I was looking for elsewhere, but this is really puzzling me.


- N.

20-May-2015, 06:51

Scroll down to find this:Classifieds (for sale or wanted ads) should only be posted in the "For Sale/Wanted" sub-forum, which is open only to those who have been members for 30 days or more

You apparently have been a member for 30 days. I am posting this because I am puzzled, too.

20-May-2015, 07:08
I'm six-weeks on now and still can't find it. And that seems like such an odd concept. No being able to post for a while makes some sense, but not being able to buy? I actually joined as I was looking for gear.

Any rate, would be very curious to see it. Any veterans able to shine some light?

Thanks so much.

- N.

20-May-2015, 07:49
You've been a member for longer than 30 days. Contact a moderator so they can help you. The easiest way to do that is to report your own original post and include a short note. Click the little black triangle at the bottom left of the OP.

Oren Grad
20-May-2015, 08:00
You should be able to see it now - look in the "Community" section. If you're still having a problem, send us a message through the moderators' contact page -


- and we'll try to figure out what the hangup is.

20-May-2015, 08:42
If you're using the Tapatalk app to access the forum, from time to time there's a glitch and the for sale area just is missing, it really seems to come and go, and doesn't have to do with the version or an update, it's just random (and annoying) so just wanted to throw that out there to try using your browser if you are having trouble and using the tapatalk app.

20-May-2015, 09:50
Very much appreciated gentlemen. You do a great job keeping the signal-to-noise ratio unusually high on this forum.

- N.

20-May-2015, 11:50
Did you just call us "gentlemen"? Them's fightin' words, boy!!

10-Jun-2015, 20:38
Find myself in the same boat as OP.

Oren Grad
10-Jun-2015, 20:48
Per Forum guidelines, the FS/WTB section is not visible to new members until 30 days after they have joined.