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18-May-2015, 08:12
Hello everybody,
thanks for accepting me in this jolly company!

Professional photographer, I come from the old school of films and chemicals. I use 4x5" format not really to avoid the computer screen, but mostly to keep the contact with the roots: the picture needs to be "seen" in mind before to get it through the lens and on the film.
I started to use use large format long time ago. I think that photography is not related to a particular gear, or a particular technique; the emotion should be the first goal, technique should come as support to achieve that.
My camera is an Horseman FA45. I've got 5 fine lenses from 75mm to 300mm
I live in France and work around Europe from North to South, West to East.

Kind regards,

Louis Pacilla
18-May-2015, 08:38
Welcome aboard Jak!

Glad to have you join the forum and look forward to seeing your work.


matthew blais
18-May-2015, 09:38