View Full Version : Photoshop image looks darker after saving as jpeg

18-May-2015, 07:58
The file on the left is my edited tiff file. The file on the right is the same after I saved it as jpeg.
I'm aware that I'm going from 16 bit to 8 bit but I don't understand how this affects the brightness of the image that much?!


Pali K
18-May-2015, 08:06
Are you sure there is a difference in brightness? I am asking because the two look identical to me. Also keep in mind that you should convert your JPEG to sRGB to make sure profile is not an issue.

18-May-2015, 08:17
If its for the internet, do a Save for web. Browsers handle color profiles differently.

19-May-2015, 00:59
I will try that! Thank you!

Michael E
19-May-2015, 01:29
My guess is that you (or your machine) changed color profiles when you saved the image as JPG. There are different ways to convert, and some may lead to a different appearance. What is your usual workflow concerning color management?

What program did you use to view the images? Some programs don't support color management. This usually means that most color profiles won't be rendered correctly.

You are on the safe side with sRGB, but sacrifice quality (color information). Make sure you understand color management and use it to your best advantage.


19-May-2015, 02:51
Agree with Micheal; I always convert to an sRGB profile before saving as jpeg as particularly Windows applications tend to fail when it comes to color management. I'm sure it can be solved to some extent on your own machines, but even so, you can't expect other people on the net to do the same. Btw, when working in Adobe-RGB or Gamma 2.2 and saving as jpeg, I consistently get files that display too dark in many applications as well.

20-May-2015, 05:23
When you convert color space, say from gamma 2.2 to srgb, you should preview the changes using the convert to profile menu in photoshop, that way you can observe how the file is changing. You can also set it up to soft proof so you can tweak the original prior to conversion so that your final srgb file matches.

Jim Andrada
23-May-2015, 19:44
+1 on darker jpegs.