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16-May-2015, 22:26
Starting a new thread since I don't want to hijack another:

This is getting terribly off topic, but I've always been impressed with your cosplay photography. When I do digital, it's some of my favorite subject matter. I would love to hear more about their responses to large prints sometime.

Thank you Will. First of all, roughly speaking, there are two kinds of costumers - one called themselves cosplayers, and they mostly do Anime or Game derived costuming; the other one is your basic costumers, which could also include cosplayers. As an aside, the world cosplay is actually the Japanese contraction of "costume play," so "cosplay" is really still just costuming.

Generally speaking, cosplay is where the media and photographer attention has been focused more on. No small part because of the sometimes skimpily dressed characters etc. So cosplayers are fairly used to having a $3000 white canon lens pointed at them.

However, the current generation rarely see prints, and when they do, at 4x5, 8x10 or even 11x14, it's sort of "meh" compared to a retina display Mac.

20x30, OTOH, is different. It`s big, its heavy, it's something visceral they can hold. They like that. They also understand that each photo may take some set up time. Tonight I have a couple costumers holding difficult poses for a couple minutes while I set up.

So generally I would not recommend photographing the entire San Diego Comic Con with a LF camera, but for a focused project like I am doing, LF may be a possibility.