View Full Version : hi, Lost Camera in San Fran, need Memory Card back

16-May-2015, 14:12
hey guys
long story short: i lost my camera (eos 5d mark III + 24-70 + 135 2.0 + 50 1.4 + 2 memory cards)
in san francisco. someone stole it when we had breakfast and we where already leaving sf…
I dont expect to get the camera back but i REALLY need the 2 memory cards!

if someone buys or finds or whatever gets a memory card with pictures from asia (4 months of traveling and over 1.000 pictures) please send it back to me or contact me.

i need this pictures for my ongoing job as a photographer. the loss of the camera is heavy but the loss of the pictures would be devastating for me.

maybe i am lucky…

16-May-2015, 15:27
Good luck, pal~