View Full Version : North Central Pa Meet Up - "Shoot The Wilds"

Rick A
12-May-2015, 03:56
North Central Pa Meet Up - "Shoot The Wilds"

I've been considering this for some time, and have mentioned it to several members, now it's time. Anyone and everyone who is interested please attend, the first ever Cameron County Pa., "Shoot the Wilds". I live in the "Pa Wilds", also known as "Land of the Endless Mountains", where there are many wonderful sights to visit, within an hours drive. Kinzua Bridge, the ruins of the Bayless Paper Mill, Austin Dam ruins, Pa. Lumber Heritage Museum, largest free ranging elk herd east of the Mississippi, and more.
I'm thinking late June for this, and am open to discussion as to finalizing a date and itinerary. Accommodations run from primitive camping, motels near by, beautiful camp ground at Sizerville SP(with free swimming pool)(reservations needed for c.g.). Sizerville SP is a wonderful place to explore and relax. Bring your fly rod too, class A trout streams all around.
Lets make this happen!

12-May-2015, 12:31
Oh, if I were only still living in PA I'd join you. I will be back home around the end of June but my vehicle access will be very limited. I hope you are able to get a good turnout though.


Rick A
12-May-2015, 13:25
Thanks, wish you could join in.