View Full Version : Emil von Hoegh Sesquicentennial

David Lindquist
9-May-2015, 07:44
Emil von Hoegh, designer of the Dagor lens, was born May 10,1865, 150 years ago tomorrow. See: http://skeel.info/getperson.php?personID=I29001&tree=ks
Among the other lenses he designed were the Hypergon and the Celor. Zeiss continued production of the Dagor and the Hypergon after acquiring the C.P. Goerz company in the 1920's. And of course the Dagor was manufactured in the U.S. by the C.P. Goerz American Optical Co./ Goerz Optical Co.

As you can see from the link cited, the centennial of von Hoegh's death was this past January.

If you have a Dagor, use it tomorrow in commemoration of Emil's birthday! I intend to.

9-May-2017, 17:10
May 10th. Dagor day? I can't afford hypergon day...

Steven Tribe
10-May-2017, 02:53
Perhaps we ought to have a list of other notables (for instance, Taylor of the Cooke triplet) who might have a celebration coming up?

David Lindquist
14-May-2017, 18:18
Two years to get a response to my post. Better late than never. I no longer remember how I came up with this in the first place... Looking at my record of negatives it doesn't look like I went out on May 10, 2015 and used one of my Dagors.