View Full Version : Should I get Intuos pro Medium or Large? (Wacom)

5-May-2015, 05:54

I'm planning to do some digital watercolor painting with the Intuos pro

but I'm not sure if I should get the size medium or large.

I'm using an iMac 21" and will print 16x20" paper size with my Epson 3880.

Any suggestions? Thanks,

5-May-2015, 08:23
I have an Intuos 3, large (12x12). It was a lot of money at the time, but wouldn't be without it now. I use for photoshop retouching.

Peter Gomena
5-May-2015, 12:01
My Intuos 3 is the 6x8" size, and I find it is just fine for my 21" iMac. I love it for Photoshop work, it's so much more precise than a mouse, easier and more natural on the fingers and wrist, too.

5-May-2015, 12:34
I just posted my Intuos3 A3 Wide DTP in the for sale section, if you're interested ... It's excellent and I always liked it a lot although i did not have the time to use it enough ;-) ...

5-May-2015, 13:29
I have a 'small' Intuos 4. Even with a 27" monitor, it works just fine.

Keep in mind that the larger the active area, the further your hand must travel while using the pen.

A graphics tablet and pen is much easier to use than a mouse, and is very precise. The various tips, that are easy to install, will offer nice flexibility.


Jim Andrada
10-May-2015, 22:42
Have you tried the Cintiq? I've played with them at trade shows and having the pen directly on the image has always seemed such a good idea. But of course the price is a bit steep.