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28-Apr-2015, 15:12
I recently got back into LF after not shooting film since 1998....

Shot my first six frames this week. I need to rescan a couple of them, but these were the most decent.

All shot with my Toyo 45G on Fomapan 100 (Developed in Caffenol C)

Fuji 210:


There is a kind of water stain-y puddle in the middle of this, what would cause that? I assume its in the development.....

Graflex 135 (Which surprised me on how it rendered)



Any comments are welcomed...

28-Apr-2015, 15:21
What development method did you use? If tray, it may have been that the first image received uneven action from the developer, especially if you did a stand/lengthy development. It may also have gotten stuck to the bottom of the tray, or another sheet of film. Fortunately, the other two didn't seem to be affected!

Most importantly, welcome back to large format!

28-Apr-2015, 15:42
Good shots and I am never surprised by the quality of the 135mm Optar lens.

28-Apr-2015, 15:59
I used caffenol c in a hp combi plan.

15 min development.

28-Apr-2015, 16:50
2 more, the uneven development gives them a bit of a wet plate feel....



1-May-2015, 02:04
welcome back to LF photography!

1-May-2015, 07:49
I wonder if there was a little developer that splashed onto the film guide. That would maybe explain some of the chemical stains? Or if maybe some of the channels got two sheets of film (that then stuck together), rather than just one sheet at a time. You might practice loading in daylight with some junk film, just to check your technique.