View Full Version : In-camera Ilfochrome Photography: The How-To Video

Marco Annaratone
21-Apr-2015, 08:35
Dear all,

I promised myself many years ago that I would have written something to describe the steps re: how to shoot in-camera Ilfochrome in clear operational details. There are/were bits and pieces of info here and there but nothing one could truly lean on. Well, with a delay of almost eight years :cool: I managed to put together a video instead. I know, I know, Ilfochrome and its chemistry are gone, but it may still be useful to capture this how-to for historical reasons. And then - who knows - maybe it comes back ...

My apologies for the mediocre quality of the video (I am just not good at), the content will hopefully compensate for that. My apologies for my embarrassing English pronunciation, nothing will compensate for that :rolleyes:

You can find the video on my site. (http://www.12tonephotography.com/Collateral-Material/In-camera-Ilfochrome-Photography)


P.S. Hopefully I chose the right section of the forum, otherwise feel free to relocate this post.