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Steve Rosen
17-Jan-2005, 13:59
how do I prevent or correct moire patterns.

Ralph Barker
17-Jan-2005, 18:22
With a lessÚ filter? ;-)

Depends on what's causing them, and where within the workflow. If you can describe the circumstances where you are encountering the problem, better suggestions can be made for resolving the problem.

Steve Feldman
17-Jan-2005, 19:32
Being a lithographic printing person (not a digi-person) I can tell you that moire patterns are caused by improper screen angles of the process printing colors. Each color has a different screen angle. Cyan 15░, Yellow 75░, Magenta 45░, Black 75░. This holds true for 4 color process printing. Probably holds for digital as well.

The cure? Rotate only one, I repeat only one, of the color angles until the moire fades away. Start with the black screen.

Good luck.