View Full Version : 30 X 40 Pixel camera powered by light itself

Randy Moe
17-Apr-2015, 10:18

The forever camera....

Drew Wiley
17-Apr-2015, 10:59
That's really amazing. Almost as good as putting a pinhole in the bottom of a paint can and some outdated film at the other end covered with mildew.

Randy Moe
17-Apr-2015, 11:07
Drew it's a beginning. I am sure it will improve over time.

Dismissing new ideas is one way to kill our future.


17-Apr-2015, 12:51

Dismissing new ideas is one way to kill our future.


Drew Wiley
17-Apr-2015, 13:06
"Our" future?? Sure hope not. And if I does somehow prove to be a good idea, there's a 75% chance that a company with a competing idea will buy the patent
and table it. Why not just power your extant digi gear with a portable solar panel and be done with it. That idea is already in the stores. ... So about a year and a half ago I hauled my butt over Kearsarge Pass with my usual 4x5 and backpacking gear, but had to do a few miles on the "freeway", the Muir Trail, prior to heading off trail into more pristine country. It wasn't too crowded that late in the season anyway. But you do run into some interesting people, like the Japanese hiker who felt he needed to constantly wear a face mask lest he catch Ebola or whatever from the deer, up there at high altitude. Then four brothers came by with big loads. The last one had a sizable solar panel mounted atop struts above his pack, tethered to a portable radio. I'm thinking, what th.... There's no cell reception up there, and backcountry rangers have their own radio system. What did they need that stuff for??? Meanwhile, I see something interesting and set up my view camera near the trail. Then I finally get it. Here come the parents, probably in their eighties, with a radio too, just able to put one foot ahead of the other. But bless them, they're still at it, and that was how the sons were keeping track of their safety and progress.

Randy Moe
17-Apr-2015, 13:22
Drew, we will be long gone before 'future' appears, yet I concern Myself with children and great grand children throughout human time.

Perhaps you are less eternal in thought.

Drew Wiley
17-Apr-2015, 15:33
No. I'm just looking at history. The Industrial Revolution was intended to turn everyone into the leisure class, but ended up spawning smog, sweatshops, and in places worse social and health conditions than the Middle Ages, not to mention a whole new class of war machines. I'm looking at how much the Middle Class has suffered due to the digital revolution in job loss, mangled backs and fingers, and how, because of still more "improvements" to humankind, even the most barbaric thugs on the planet have access to weaponry that nobody in WWII would have dreamed of. Think of what can be done with toy drones in the wrong hands, for example. It's already starting to happen. People seem to be vastly more illiterate due to proliferation of TV and then the web. Lots of information out there, but most of it basically of the junk food variety. Yeah, we've got some great advances in medicine; but what happens if everyone lives to be a hundred? The planet overpopulates and controls that problem with war, famine, and accelerated climate collapse. But so much for that... Now I have to get to some serious thought, like where to head out with the 8x10 tomorrow, since I gotta enjoy it well before turning 100.

17-Apr-2015, 21:24
I see a little farther ahead, all solar panels can be accessed for viewing, "1984" isn't just in the TV on the wall, it's on our roofs and surfaces of our cars, roadways.

Hopefully I'll still be using film...