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13-Apr-2015, 17:25
A quick intro - been in photography for about 40 years, and started into LF very recently (this year). Learning much, having more fun in the field and darkroom than I have in years. Look forward to learning much, much more.
BC Li from SoCal

Tim Meisburger
13-Apr-2015, 17:31
Welcome Li!

13-Apr-2015, 17:52
Welcome! Wish I were in So. Cal; 70% chance of rain the next 7 days!!!!

matthew blais
13-Apr-2015, 18:30
Welcome...there's many of us in SO Cal and we get together for outings so keep an eye out!

13-Apr-2015, 21:20
Speaking of gatherings...

Alabama Hills gathering is May 15-17 (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?121589-LF-Gathering-Alabama-Hills-CA-May-15-17&p=1235531#post1235531)

14-Apr-2015, 17:23
Thanks for being so welcoming everyone!

Michael Clark
14-Apr-2015, 20:09
Welcome bcli, its been forty years for me also, and getting more interested in L.F. the past 5 years.


John Kasaian
14-Apr-2015, 21:31
Welcome aboard!

neil poulsen
14-Apr-2015, 23:01
I think that New old guy would have also worked. :)

16-Apr-2015, 16:11
Thanks again, everyone!
New LF old guy:D

Andrew O'Neill
18-Apr-2015, 20:12